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Information and guide to Betting on Extra Time That You Should Know

How many minutes are in extra time? This is a question that many football viewers and online football bettors, especially newcomers, are curious about. This is because many matches' outcomes are decided in extra time, and even a single minute can make history. Let's find the answer to this question in the macau soccer tips below.

How Many Minutes Are in Extra Time?

Before finding the answer to how many minutes are in extra time, let's briefly understand what extra time in football is. Extra time, also known in English as "Extra Time," is a familiar term if you frequently analyze football odds. It is additional time added to a football match, both professional and amateur, applied when the score is tied after the regulation 90 minutes. Extra time is needed before determining the winner via penalty kicks. Extra time is divided into two halves like regular play, but it is shorter in duration.

Naturally, goals scored during extra time are counted just as they are in regular play. Therefore, reputable bookmakers often offer specific odds for extra time. The team that kicked off in the first half will also kick off the first half of extra time. At the end of the first half of extra time, both teams will switch sides to continue with the second half. Similarly, the team that kicks off in the second half will also kick off in this half. If the match is still undecided after extra time, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks.

Additionally, if you are a regular at analyzing bookmaker odds, you will notice that some amateur tournaments or specific competitions do not play extra time. This means if the match is undecided after the regular 90 minutes, they will go straight to penalty kicks. Therefore, you won't see extra time odds at these tournaments.

How Many Minutes Are in Extra Time in Football?

So, how many minutes are there in extra time in football? The answer is 30 minutes in total for extra time. This means each half lasts 15 minutes. These two halves are played continuously without a halftime break like in regular play.

In some tournaments, if a team scores first during the first 15 minutes of extra time, the match will immediately end, and that team will be declared the winner. If after 30 minutes of extra time both teams are still tied, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks.

Nowadays, most top betting sites offer additional betting options for extra time. These bets become available as soon as the regular play ends and extra time begins, or some bookmakers might offer them from the start. Therefore, experts in quick odds analysis for knockout stage matches will carefully study the information about both teams to make timely decisions.

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Regulations During Extra Time

In addition to information on how many minutes extra time lasts, this article will also share details about the regulations during extra time.

Duration and Breaks:

During the 30 minutes of extra time, there will be no additional time added, nor will there be a break between the two halves.


In some tournaments, FIFA allows a fourth substitution when the match goes into extra time.

Penalty Shootout:

If after 30 minutes of extra time both teams have not determined a winner, a penalty shootout will take place.

Away Goals Rule:

In some home-and-away tournaments, goals scored during extra time will count towards the away goals rule.

Skipping Extra Time:

Depending on the tournament, extra time may be skipped altogether, with the match proceeding directly to a penalty shootout.

Golden Goal and Silver Goal:

Additionally, FIFA is considering the implementation of the golden goal or silver goal rules during extra time.

Types of Extra Time Bets and Tips

If you already know how many minutes extra time lasts in football, let's move on to the next section: types of extra time bets and tips for placing these bets.

Popular Extra Time Bets at Reputable Bookmakers:

Betting on whether the match will go to extra time: This type of bet is usually offered by bookmakers right before the match starts. If the match is canceled before it is known whether extra time will occur, the bet will be voided, and the bettor will get their money back.

Betting on the number of goals scored in extra time: You can choose to bet using Asian Handicap, European Handicap, or Over/Under bets. Most top bookmakers offer all these types of bets.

Betting on which team will score first or last in extra time.

Tips for Successful Extra Time Betting:

Choose a reputable bookmaker: Regardless of the type of bet, choosing a reputable bookmaker is always crucial. You can refer to lists of reputable bookmakers. These are evaluated based on players' votes, so you can be assured of their reliability.

Follow the match closely: To be able to assess and predict the next developments in the match, it’s essential to keep a close eye on the game. Additionally, monitor the performance of the players to predict their form if extra time occurs.

Research end-game tactics: Understand the strategies teams use in the final stages of the match.

Read expert analysis: Refer to articles and analyses from top experts on leading bookmaker websites.

We hope the above information soccer tips website helps you understand more about the duration of extra time and how to bet on extra time effectively. Don't forget to visit Wintips to learn more about the top reputable bookmakers today and for other useful insights.

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