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Corner handicap bet - The most accurate corner handicap betting experience

Football betting currently offers a myriad of different types of bets that vary depending on the match situation. These types of football bets are usually divided into two categories: Main bets and side bets. Main bets include types such as over/under bets, handicap bets, or Asian handicap bets. Side bets include score bets, yellow cards, red cards, etc. And currently, one of the most popular side bets is the corner handicap bet, with a participation rate nearly equal to that of the main bets. Let's see what the number 1 bookmaker - has to say about this interesting betting type.

What is a corner handicap bet?

Corner handicap bet

The corner handicap bet, also known as Corners bet or corner bet, is the latest online betting type in the football betting field. With this type of bet, players are not concerned about which team wins or loses or how many goals are conceded in that match. The main focus is on the number of corner kicks executed by both teams in the match you are betting on. Or other corner-related factors such as which team takes the first corner kick and which team takes the last corner kick, etc.

Depending on the nature of the match, as well as the characteristics of each team and the tournament, reputable bookmakers will base on those factors to offer different types of corner bets. Moreover, the betting odds will correspond to each type of bet. The corner betting odds of each bookmaker will vary.

Some common types of corner handicap bets

Similar to other types of football bets offered by today's top sport bookmaker, corner handicap bets come in many different types and forms of play. Here are some common ones:

Total corners over/under bet for the entire match

This is a type of bet that predicts the outcome for the entire match. In this bet, players also have to choose to bet on over or under, and this bet will depend on the odds set by the bookmaker for each match.

When placing a bet on this corner handicap, the under option is the number of corners executed in the match is fewer than the odds set by the bookmaker. The over option will be the total number of corners in the match is greater than the odds set by the bookmaker. Additionally, reputable bookmakers also offer players the option to bet on total corners over/under in the first half or second half, but this bet is less common.

Full match corner handicap bet

With this bet, each bookmaker will offer different handicap odds for each match. At this point, players need to choose the team that is handicapped in terms of corner kicks. Based on the number of corner kicks taken in the match and the handicap odds, players can differentiate between winning and losing teams.

1x2 corner handicap bet

This bet is played similarly to the Asian handicap bet in football betting. With the 1x2 corner handicap bet, players have 3 choices: Win - Draw - Lose, and the payout odds for each choice may vary depending on the bet selection.

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Odd or even corner handicap bet

This is a simple betting type where players bet on whether the number of corner kicks executed in the match is odd or even and place their bets accordingly. For example, if there are 10 corner kicks in the match, and a player bets on even corners, they win; otherwise, they lose.

First corner kick bet

This bet requires players to predict which team will take the first corner kick in the match.

Last corner kick bet

In this type of bet, players must analyze and predict which team will take the last corner kick in the match.

Tips for winning corner handicap bets

If players want to win in corner handicap bets, the first thing they need to do is to carefully study some useful tips:

Thoroughly research pre-match information

Before participating in corner handicap betting, you should research and analyze specific information such as:

The number of corner kicks taken by each team in their recent matches.

Determine if there is a difference in the number of corner kicks between home and away matches.

Understand the capabilities of both teams; stronger teams tend to have more corner kicks.

Bad weather conditions can also lead to more corner kick situations.

Decisiveness in betting rounds

When playing first corner kick bets or last corner kick bets, you need to be decisive. Because corner kicks happen quickly, the odds are usually divided between the two teams. If you have made an accurate prediction, you should place your bet immediately.

This article from wintips has helped you understand more about what a corner handicap bet is and the most effective corner handicap betting tips. To increase your chances of winning, visit our website for the latest odds and betting insights and place your bets now.

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